The Sun Will Shine Again

Hey guys, a lot of folks are going through tough times right now. And, I’m sure you are aware of Nancy’s health issues and the fact that Bill and the family are going through some tough times too.

Bill just called me as he was waiting to see the dentist; “Jack go look up Hosea 6!”

I think it’s pretty appropriate:

“Come, let us return to the LORD.
He has torn us to pieces
but he will heal us;
he has injured us
but he will bind up our wounds.
After two days he will revive us;
on the third day he will restore us,
that we may live in his presence.
Let us acknowledge the LORD;
let us press on to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
he will appear;
he will come to us like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that water the earth.”

So, keep bill and Nancy in your prayers and have a blessed day.

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  1. ed pascucci Says:

    Bill met you at ahoys in kimberling city a few years ago enjoyd the time we spent and I still listen to the cd hope things get better you will be in my prayers ED PASCUCCI (friend of mike price )s

  2. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Thanks for that Jack. Bill & Nancy are definitely in my prayers. Hope you are doing well yourself. Are you still knocking them dead down around the “Redneck Riviera”? I know you are. Please say hello to Traci and your brother.
    Love ya
    Mean it

  3. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning,

    When I call and ask Nancy how she is doing….she always says,

    “I’m alright”……what a woman, lol

    They are special people……

  4. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning, All

    Hope all the Dees family are doing well, today…….

    How is everyone else, today?

    The sun is shining in my part of the world, lol…..

    Have a great day, everyone……..

  5. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning, All

    well, another wonderfull sunshine day here, lol

    “You Can Call Me Sunshine”, sunshine is what I do…….

    A Bill Dees song, of course, lol

    Have a great day everyone……..

  6. Susan Buchanan Says:

    How are you Miss Jeanie? Been mighty quiet around here. We did talk to Bill last night and he is definitely planning on being in Hendersonville.
    Bill has asked that we all continue praying for Nancy. She is on dialysis(?)
    and we all understand how serious diabetes can be. Please include that Bill in your prayers as he is so worried about Nancy.
    Glad to say it is sunshining here today. Hoping to get more snow on Thursday!!!!
    Jack, let us hear what you are up to. It has been too long since a real good update.
    Love you guys!!

  7. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Alrighty my friends……

    Here is the hotel link to make your reservations for Hendersonville……



    yes, the whole thing, lol

    Should take you to the hotel to reserve your rooms……….

  8. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day…..everyone

    Let your “special” someone know how much you love them, lol

    Have a wonderfull day, All…….

  9. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    well, good morning, lol

    seems we all have not been here, ……lately, lol

    hope everyone is doing well,…….I am just great, getting excited now

    about April…….and seeing everyone………

    I’m planning to have more variety of refreshments in honor of

    Roy’s 75th Birthday………also, we are expecting several new fans, who

    say they are coming….

    Some of our old friends say they won’t be coming to celebrate Roy’s life

    with us because it is Easter Week End, and they will be missed……..

    But, hopefully, they will make it in 2012………

    I have invited a few “guests” to just drop by if they can……..I won’t say

    who, so as not to dissapoint anyone if they don’t come, lol

    Also, not put any pressure on them, lol…….

    As far as we know, our very own Bill Dees will be with us, and hey…….lol

    Have a wonderfull week end, everyone…….Enjoy what ever you do……

  10. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Oh, where have you been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy…….lol

    Jack be Nimble, Jack be quick……lol

  11. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Well, once again, we have a big fat ECHO in here, lol……….

    So sorry this site hasn’t flourished lol………BILL, BILL, BILL, stuff, lol

    Wish we could say something was happening, but………

    Hope something will happen soon,………

  12. Susan Buchanan Says:

    I am with you on that one Jeanie! I did talk with Bill and Nancy is doing well. She drove the car herself the other day for the first time in a long time.
    Bill said he would definitely be in Hendersonville this year. We didn’t get to see much of him last year as he had a gig in Alabama on Sat. evening.
    It will be real good to have some quality time with him that week.
    Jack we are missing you and your presence here. Maybe us fans could help you out on this site while you are in the deep south. Let us hear from you.
    Hope everyone has a good week.

  13. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Well, hope everyone is doing well………

    Would love to see some news here……

    Running out of things to say, lol

    Have a fun day, everyone………

  14. Lesley Leech Says:

    Good afternoon every one…. oh how i wish i could make it to your Gathering ! one day maybe… i am Dreaming ! LOL Good news about Bills wife, hope she continues to improve. I,ll pop by again and hope to hear more from The Great Bill Dees x All my best to you all x

  15. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good to see you, Lesley…

    yes, we all wish more for Bill Dees……he is such a talented man

    needs to be heard more…….A great writer of songs…….as well as

    a wonderfull singer of songs, lol

    He is right after Roy on my player…..

    To me, they always went together…..I love their music they co-wrote……

    yes, we would love to see at our gathering, lol

    Nothing wong with dreaming, Lesley, who knows, it could happen for you,..

    We’ll look for you, lol……….take care

  16. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Lesley, be sure to give a listen to Bill’s music here

  17. Lesley Leech Says:

    Good evening everyone x Jeanie i have been listerning to Bill,s music here and from a very nice, kind Autralian man we may all know…… lol Bill as such a Big Powerful voice and his songs are truely amazing ! Love them ! Still Dreaming… well you should always have a Dream! xx LOL Take care everyone…. back soon xxx

  18. Chris O'Neill Says:

    Wonder who that Aussie is????

  19. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    DUH, I bet I know him, Chris, lol

    and yeah, he is nice, kind and a wonderfull friend………

  20. Chris O'Neill Says:

    And he reckons Bill Dees is the MAN!!! Hope all is well with the man - haven’t heard from him in a while have we? And Jack you still there mate?

  21. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Hey Chris…….yes, Bill is the MAN, but, we do not see enough of him, do we? lol

    Jack is still working down in Alabama or someplace along the gulf, lol

    Sure miss them both around here……..wish somthing would happen to

    give us hope of some new music ………from them both……lol

  22. Lesley Leech Says:

    Oh No, you know that very knid Australian too LOL….. Hope your all well and making planes for your Birthday Celebrations. I,ll have a full Day of Roy here!! Well i,ve no new news, but i,ll pop back again !! Take care to you all x

  23. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning, All

    Come back anytime Lesley, lol

    yes, April is getting near……..even though some of our friends can’t be us

    we are expecting a pretty good crowd……….

    Have a great Sunday everyone…..take care…….

  24. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Sure is good to see some chit chat on this site. Hope to hear from the two gentlemen soon.
    A reminder that the block of rooms in Hendersonville, TN for Roy’s Birthday Gathering will be closing on March 27. You must make your reservations before this date to get the special rates. Look forward to seeing everyone for sure. And, the MAN, Mr. Bill Dees will be joining us!!!
    Have a great week.

  25. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Well, just can’t wait to see everyone, Susan, lol

    ANTICIPATION is getting to me, now, lol

    Bill Dees will be singing and playing for us again, joining in the fun……

    Hopefully, Jack will be able to make it, too…….He sings and plays pretty good too, lol

    Would love to see more of them both here on this site, lol

    Have a wonderfull day, everyone………

    Wonder how our Chrisso is doing today, lol

  26. Chris O'Neill Says:

    He’s doing OK thanks Jeanie. Just had 4 days of soaking rain but the sun is out today and it’ll be - hit the garden - very soon. Hope April 23/24 goes off well again - I think you’re gonna get a few new faces this year. Glad Bill is attending - what would it be without him eh? Have fun

  27. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Hey Chris, always good to hear from you……….

    we have had 2 days of nice sunny weather, but, more will be coming

    yes, we are expecting several new faces………and we wish more of

    our dear, familiar ones, lol………(you know who you are), lol

    How is Owie doing?…..

    April is coming up fast…..I’m flying, so, I won’t be visiting “the porch” this

    time, BOO HOO…………

    Take care, Chris……

  28. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    lol,,,,,that should say “More rain” will be coming, lol

  29. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning……..

    Hope all is well…..

    have a wonderfull day……….Sing A Song…….lol

  30. Chris O'Neill Says:

    G’day to all Bill Dees fans..beautiful Autumn weather Down Under right now - crisp early mornings and evenings but beautiful warm days. Just wanna get out in the garden and go for it!!! Won’t be long and you’ll all be in the company of Orbifamily members once more in Hendersonville. Would love to be there of course but not to be - way too far to fly. Those attending have a great time and cherish the love. Hope this finds everyone well and in good health.

  31. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Hey, Chris…….

    I’m hoping for warmer weather soon…….glad you are having some

    nice days…..yes, April is just around the corner……..ANTISAPATION

    is setting in, lol

    I know we will have a good crowd, although some friends will be


    Enjoy your nice weather………Chris

  32. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Hi Chris. Seems like we are having similar weather with Autumn Down Under and beautiful Spring here in NC. We are just beginning to start gardening as it is still a little early yet. Could be another frost.
    We all are getting excited about the gathering. You never know who is going to be there which is a lot of the fun of it. It is always grand when the Orbifamily gets together. We will miss you for sure this year. Maybe next year? Maybe we can Skype you while we are there so you can say hello to some of the friends. I know Bill will sing you a song!!!!!
    ANTICIPATION is the name of the game now. See everyone in a few weeks.

  33. Chris O'Neill Says:

    Hey how good would that be???? That’s a plan Little Queenie - let’s do it. Now I am getting excited too lol

  34. Susan Buchanan Says:

    That’s a plan!! Will set that up when we get to Hendersonville. Spoke with Bill yesterday and he is excited to be coming. Nancy is doing lots better and they are thankful for all the thoughts and prayers. Nancy is on dialysis so it is ongoing.
    Hope it is a beautiful day in your neighborhood!!!

  35. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Well, hopefully that will happen, but, knowing myself, I get so involved

    with what’s going on around me, I don’t even make phone calls, lol

    but, hey, someone might do that, lol

    Anyway, we’ll be missing you, Chris………

  36. Lesley Leech Says:

    Hi there everyone… just a little Hello while i,m cooking evening meal…… well soon be time for your Gathering ! how excieted you all must be ! i,ll be there in Spirit xx I,m planing to have my own Roy Filled Day… Heaven ! Well i,ll pop by again, all my best wishes to you all xxx

  37. Lesley Leech Says:

    Good afternoon to you all from a sun filled day here in Trentham… been in the Garden planting some new shrubs, hope its going to be a nice summer!! Hope everyone,s well, All my best to one and all xxxx

  38. Chris O'Neill Says:

    Same here Lesley - wonderful autumn days - a little rain then the sunshine - great weather for wandering in the paddocks and collecting mushrooms - yum! Winter is fast approaching tho and already we’ve had a few dull days - time to get the chain saw out and start wood cutting. Man, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Just had a break from carting water now the wood. Well, I guess it keeps us fit. Pretty quiet on this site isn’t it? Hey Bill - where are you mate? G’day to Susan, Jeanie and Barb while I’m here - hope everyone is well and cranking up for Hendersonville - sure gonna miss not being there this year.

  39. Susan Buchanan Says:

    You are right Chris, we are cranking up for the gathering. Our house seems so empty this week since we usually have guests before we head to Hendersonville!!!!! We will miss you and Owie this year. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Hope this crazy weather holds out for us while there. It has been horrible this last week from Memphis to North Carolina. We have had trees down last week and hail the size of golf balls Saturday. Makes me a nervous wreck. We had rough weather last year on Saturday when Fred Foster came and Nashville had the terrible flood the weekend after we were there. MERCY!
    Hey Bill, looking forward to seeing you next week and being entertained by the best - YOU!!!

  40. Mike Dees Says:

    I am sorry to report that Bill passed away last night .

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