Stage It!

Hey guys, Jack here.

There is a new website you need to check out called This is a place where you can watch live-streaming concerts of your favorite performers from anywhere in the world.

The shows are interactive and let you chat with the artist during performance! Pretty cool…

Anyway, I just set Bill up with a StageIt profile and my hope is that he will begin doing live shows on the web. Possibly even something from Hendersonville for those that can’t attend.

I will be talking to Bill to get this moving along.

BTW-my first concert at StageIt will be on April 19th.

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  1. Chris O'Neill Says:

    Hey Jack!! Good to hear from you mate! Will check out that site in a minute. What have you been up to in your absence? We sure have missed you here - fill us in. Was listening to Trouble Ain’t Over album today actually - what a coincidence!!

  2. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Hello Jack. Sure have missed you. We will miss you in Hendersonville this year. I should have just said “ditto” to Chris’s post. Sounds like things are going good for you which is the way it should be. Will check out the new site! Can’t wait to see you and Bill on there. Sounds very cool!
    Love ya
    Mean it

  3. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Hey, Jack…..good to hear from you and that things are going well for you..

    Will check out that site for sure……thank you so much,……sorry we wont

    be seeing you in Hendersonville…….Or Branson, this year, lol

    Take care, till we meet again…..

  4. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Hey Jack! Disappointed that we did not get to hear your concert on Someone said the site crashed! We heard just 3 or 4 seconds and could hear you guys in the background, then nothing. Keep us posted on that.
    We are here in Hendersonville TN and kinda behaving!!! Jim Murphy will be in this afternoon as well as others.
    Bill did some awesome singing last night at a restaurant/bar/and locals singing. Was killer. He got lots of applause and wooo hooo’s! We are all missing you this year. Have a very blessed Easter.
    Love ya
    Mean it

  5. Lesley Leech Says:

    Seen some of Jeanies photos of your Gathering…. what a Sensation it looks!!!! Glad you all had a Fab, safe time !!! I,ll be there ONE day!!! Take care everyone xxx

  6. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning, All….

    been awhile since I posted, but,

    have been on Bill M. Dees on Facebook, lol

    Yes, Lesley, if you ever get the chance……..take it, lol… Bill says…….

    Even though Bill was some terric pains with his back, he never let us down.

    the music was so wonderfull……and having Barry and Lynne join us

    was just great……….yes, I really got some wonderfull pictures, I’m usually

    not that lucky, lol….not a camera person, lol

  7. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    wow, doesn’t look like anyone has been here…….

  8. Lesley Leech Says:

    Oh hope Bill,s back improves… bless him. I,ve had a look at Bill,s FB page looking good !! well have no new news, so just hoping everyones well, keep safe xxx

  9. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Gosh, I’m sorry, everyone…….guess I haven’t been here for awhile, lol

    Well, we still have some of Bill’s music here to listen too, so, we should come

    and do that, I guess………..can’t go wrong with good music, for sure, lol

  10. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning, All

    another week end upon us, lol

    A big car show in Pismo this week end……..every Father’s Day……..huge, lol

    A happy Father’s Day week end to all the Dad’s out there………

  11. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning,…………

    well, I come for the music, lol…….

    always good to hear Bill’s voice and some great songs……

    visit Bill’s page on FaceBook……….

    Take care, All

  12. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    You don’t have to knock……welcome to my heart…..

    linda doesn’t love here, anymore, but, i heard her laughter in the wind…..

    what if I smile? will we do the country boogie? end the evening with a sweet

    night of bliss? so, this is love? happy anniversry, darlin

  13. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning,

    Bill will be doing a benifit concert for the people of Joplin, Mo

    August 5th in Springfield, Mo

    Would love to be there, but, will be in Idaho to atend my grandson’s wedding,

    Hope it all goes well in Springfield, …..

  14. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    It’s a beautifull mornin, a wonderfull day……

    You don’t have to knock….come on in…….

    Wish we had some news here, but, guess not….lol

    Jack, we sure miss you…….hope you are doing well, way down south, lol

  15. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Well, alright, Jack is back, lol…………

  16. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Happy Independance Day…….everyone……

  17. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    well, the music is still here, lol……
    gotta love those songs…….

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