Joplin Tornado Benefit

Hey guys, Jack here….it has been a while but, I’m glad to be back!

I’m going to be giving you more details as we go along (ticket info and such) but, Bill will be doing a benefit concert for the folks in Joplin. It will be a show with the full band and it’s on August, 5th and the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, MO…

The Eddie Valen Band will be on the show as well and, like I said, things are still developing so, more news when I know it!

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  1. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Welcome back Jack!!!! Glad to have you back from the gulf. It has been lonely here since you have been gone! Looking forward to hearing more about the concert for Joplin. They will be needing help for a very long time. I know Bill will have lots more fans after that gig!!
    Again, glad you are back my friend. Have a great weekend.
    Love ya
    Mean it

  2. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Hey Jack, welcome home…….so happy to see you here…..

    would love to be there with you guys in Springfield, but, guess it can’t happen

    this time, but, I will be in spirit, for sure……….

    This looks like a pretty big place, lol

    Bill will be the main attraction………lol

    yes, keep us informed……will tickets be available at the door for any “late comers? lol

    So good to see you, Jack……you have been missed, lol

  3. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning,……….????????

    guess no one is here, lol

    well, the music is still good, lol

  4. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning,……..????

    Hope everyone has a great day…………

  5. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning, All

    well, August 5th is getting here…..

    How are the plans for the show coming along?

    Sure wish I could be there…

  6. Jayne d'Arcy Says:

    I have Tumblr’d this on my blog. I hope someone in the area will attend. What about a Donation button for those of us who cannot attend, but still want to help the Joplin-ites?

  7. jack Says:

    Done! Thanks Jayne, great idea!

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