Gig Poster!

Hey guys, things are moving along on this upcoming show and as a matter of fact, we just got the posters in…

…also, over time there have been a number of people who have requested that we release “Ode To A Dirty Old Man” as a digital single and it will be available for download at iTunes, Amazon etc. in the coming days.

4 Responses to “Gig Poster!”

  1. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Things sure are looking good out your way. I hope the benefit raises a zillion dollars and I know Bill will get lots of new fans!!!! The posters look great. I do hope there is a break in this heat for the concert.
    We will all be cheering for y’all. I hope there will be a video of Bill’s part in the show. Jack best of luck to you and Bill and the boys in the band.
    Sure is good to have you back!!!!!!

  2. Susan Buchanan Says:

    And also thanks for “Ode To A Dirty Old Man”!!!!!!!

  3. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Jack, the poster is great,

    would love to have one……

    wish i could be there, even gave it serious thought, but, will be in Idaho

    at my grandson’s wedding, lol

    Glad you are back, Jack………you have been missed……..

    I know the concert will be big,…….and I’m with Susan……would love the video, lol

    So, be looking for report after the show, lol

    Take care, Jack……………

  4. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning, All

    just wondering how the plans for August 5th is coming along…….lol

    Sure hope we get some video of it, ….for sure…..

    it sounds like it’s going to be big, lol

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