“Sweet Butterfly”

for mr. E..

7 Responses to ““Sweet Butterfly””

  1. David Shoenfelt Says:

    Nobody sings like Bill Dees. Sweet.

  2. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Alright, Jack, way to go……

    we need more Bill, and we don’t mind if you add some of your videos, either, lo

    Thanks so much, Jack………..

  3. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning,…

    We love the video, we just need more Bill more often, lol

    We enjoy hearing from you, Jack……and appreciate what you do for Bill……

    A video of you, is most welcome too, lol

    Thanks, Jack……..

  4. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    good morning,

    I should have said “more” of your videos, Jack,

    these are great, but too short, lol

  5. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Dave, if you haven’t looked around the site, you can go to older entries and see more videos……….also, listen to Bill’s cd’s, lol

  6. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    well, shucks, here I am again, lol

    was hoping to find someone here, lol

  7. Mr. E Style Says:

    Thanks for posting this track, I’ll do my best to get Alice to listen to it, it would be perfect for him to cut. Bill as always, sounds amazing, great job Mr. Dees!

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