Bill’s NPR Interview

Hey guys, last night when I was uploading the previous video, I ran across these three clips of Bill’s interview with NPR in ‘08 that Kent Jones posted on YouTube.

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  1. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Always good to see this again,

  2. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Hi, everyone,

    hope all is well with you………

  3. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Thrusday January 26th…..WFMU.0rg/upcoming……..7:00pm to 8:00pm..EST

    Bill Dees interview……

  4. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Happy Birthday Bill Dees. One thing for sure, we must get you on the computer as a little communication would be nice!!
    Thanks Jack for posting the clips above. I love this site and would like to see it up and going again.
    Looking forward to Bill’s upcoming interview this Thursday.
    Happy New Year to all!

  5. Kent Jones Says:

    Thanks Jack for Re-posting the NPR videos! People can watch them all from Bills Video website., and a good place to buy all of his Cd’s for sale too. And Happy Merry Late Christmas!

  6. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Bill, the enterview show was great……

    Wish you had picked up your guitar and sang “Best Frirnd”……

    it was all very entertaining…….some of your stories I had not heard, lol

    On to New York and greater things, lol

  7. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Great interview Bill. You had those young fellows singing with you. I know the feeling very well. I heard new stories also. It was all very interesting. I am with Jeanie, hope they have you back and you sing for them!!! See you in Hendersonville!

  8. Joe McIntosh Says:

    Great interview, very entertaining, informative and emotional. Our KOOL 105.5 (KWCO Chickasha, OK) mid-day DJ Don Collett was telling me how he sang ‘Pretty Woman’ at Karaoke in Borger, TX where he worked at the radio station, and afterwards a man came up and said to him “That was one of the best renditions of that song I have ever heard.” He later found out it was Bill Dees. Thats pretty cool. Love the fact that Bill also lived in Ft Smith, where I spend time as a kid, and grew up to be a DJ, spinning roy Orbison songs on Pop and Country. Still a huge fan, of both these men.

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