Bill and Wes from Billboard ‘72

Thanks to Brother Lyle E. Style for sending this along. Bill and Wes Helm signed with Tree Publishing in 1972. They are pictured with Buddy Killen and Jack Stapp.

BTW go to Lyle’s site and pick up a copy of his excellent record Cutting Room Floor that features versions of “Hold Onto That Feeling” and “River Queen”.

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  1. Susan Buchanan Says:

    Hello Bill Dees and fans,
    Haven’t been by here in a while. Great article about Bill and Wes Helm and it has been 40 years ago. Where does the time go? I spoke to Lyle a few years ago when he was visiting with Bill. Check out his versions of Bill’s two songs mentioned above on his CD, “Cutting Room Floor”. Great CD!
    Hope We, the fans can bring this site alive again. It is a winner for sure.
    It was great to see Bill in Hendersonville just a couple of weeks ago along with Jack Pribek. These two got Bill’s three CD’s published, etc., etc., etc., and the beat goes on! What talented fellows. Great to see everyone!
    Be good to yourself!

  2. jeanie boultinghouse Says:

    Was a great week in Hendersonville……with Bill and Jack,
    and all our friends that gather there every year, in April… celebrate Roy Orbison’s B’Day,……but, let me tell ya, without Bill Dees, co-writer with Roy of many wonderfull songs,……..there would be no gathering,……Bill Dees has
    help keep Roy’s music alive………Bill, who himself is “a living legend”
    yes, would be great if this page could be more active……..there are many fan/friends out there for Bill Dees……wanting to hear from him……
    take care everyone……


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